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First, they will come for your books, and then they will come for you.

Book burners.


So, after an extended period of inactivity peppered with health problems, this blog is returning to activity! With new hosting and some possible future changes in appearance, I look forward to helping fill up the Internet with posts that are — sometimes — of perhaps questionable value. Yay!

Tennessee: where Republicans want the children to die from preventable disease.

This is sick and sickening. Follow the link below for the full story.

Tennessee abandons vaccine outreach to minors — not just for COVID-19.

Honor among thieves?

Somebody got what they deserved: Convicted child rapist beaten to death by fellow inmates in Washington state prison

Florida is…

46) The place where this alleged human wastes the planet’s oxygen supply: Florida woman busted for trying to kiss strangers at bar, calling 911 about social distancing

47) The place where this sub-human animal abuser deserves to be kicked into a bloody pulp: Florida man accused of kicking chicken like ‘a football player would kick a field goal’

48) The state where, apparently, some people think kidnapping teens is an OK thing to do: Florida man allegedly kidnapped teen to drive him through coronavirus checkpoint

This is why we can’t have nice things

15) It seems that being a jackass is a something that runs in the family: Wild brawl over masks leaves Target security guard with broken arm

16) Some people are too stupid for words: Woman cuts hole in face mask to make breathing ‘easier’

Sometimes there is justice in the world

A Trump-backing sheriff fired his lesbian deputy. So she ran for his job and just crushed him

Florida is…

43) The home of this spectacularly busy criminal with a diverse array of fresh crimes: Florida man facing 12 charges after allegedly committing 3 crimes in one day

44) Clearly the place where this complete and total idiot wishes he was from: ‘Bored’ Idaho man arrested in Florida for driving on beach

45) The place where this child-abusing son-of-a-bitch should be spending time in jail: Florida man put laxatives in boy’s medication, deputies say

This is why we can’t have nice things

8) Criminally ignorant so-called law-maker: Idaho representative compares coronavirus lockdown to Nazi Germany

9) At least the cops caught this piece of shit: Cops enforcing coronavirus restrictions on Florida beach nab fugitive murder suspect

10) These pastors should go to jail, they’ve been living like parasites for years and years: Louisiana pastor Tony Spell defends asking worshipers to give stimulus money to evangelists amid coronavirus

Florida is…

40) The place where this shit head lives: Florida man arrested, charged with stealing 66 rolls of toilet paper from hotel

41) The place where this so-called person (likely sub-human), who needs to stay in jail, resides: Florida Man Beat Pregnant Woman He Claimed Had The Coronavirus: Police

42) The place where this ballsy but astoundingly stupid waste of oxygen calls home: Florida man arrested twice in a week for posing as an officer

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